Monday, January 5, 2015

Author Newsletters w/ Nancy Kimball

Do I need a newsletter? YES.

Why? To stay connected with devoted readers and protect against shifting social media.

I'm not published yet. Is it too soon to start? NO.

I only have basic computer skills. Can I still build and manage a newsletter? YES, Yes you can!

I'm published/ multi-published and done fine without one so far. Do I still need one? Maybe not.

What makes a good newsletter and how often should I send it? Understanding your needs and your readers (or future readers) needs and expectations.

Are there costs? There can be for upgraded plans and features but we will be starting with a basic, free Mailchimp account.

Please join me and the members of Houston Christian Authors Saturday for a working meeting.
Laptops welcome for those who want to follow along and build their own setup from the demonstration. We will begin with a brief overview of newsletters, why they are important, what they can teach us about our readership, and then build one together in Mailchimp (a free program.)
If time permits we will also review newsletter examples together to discuss, share, and learn what can work best for which genres and target audiences.

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