Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Meet Nancy Kimball

Greetings literary brethren. Nancy Kimball here slowing down long enough to do one of my least favorite things--talk about myself! I'm a sinner saved by grace in Jesus Christ, a pet parent to Eric T. the most spectacular pitbull mix the world has ever seen, and a novelist. Though novelist implies more than one novel, and so far I have only released one novel. That should change this year when I release the much-anticipated sequel to Chasing the Lion. I'm an avid reader, a Texan, a fan of Ancient Rome and ALL things gladiator, and still don't understand the point of white crayons.  

How long have you been writing?

Since about the age of ten. I love story. But I got serious about it in 2010, and found out that just because you can write or tell a story does not mean that translates into being able to craft quality fiction. There is so much to learn, but I love it and am still learning all the time.

How did you end up with your first publication?

 racking up a lengthy resume of literary awards and recognition, ultimately I found that I didn't quite color inside the lines enough for the traditional publishing route. I self-published my debut novel, Chasing the Lion, in April of 2014.
How much, and what, do you read?

I am as sporadic in my reading as I am in my writing. I can binge books and read two or three in a week or go a few months without reading or listening to fiction. But I gravitate to any great story, be it young adult coming of age, contemporary romance like Amy Harmon's Making Faces, historical like good buddy Peter Leavell's West for the Black Hills, and lately, contemporary spy thrillers by Matthew Dunn, a former MI-6 agent. Matthew's Spycatcher series featuring Will Cochran are just, insanely amazing. AMAZING. I just finished #4, Dark Spies, and it has been my favorite so far. 

What is one piece of advise you'd give to someone just starting out?

Just start writing. Don't even be afraid of what you don't know until you are finished with your first story. Tell it start to finish. Get the electrifying thrill of typing those two beautiful words "The End." Because then if you want to commercialize it and sell it, you have a lot, lot of work to do.

What is your favorite book on the writing craft?

DiAnn Mills' Dance of Character and Plot. If you are only going to read one craft book in your life, read and study that one. If you're going to read two, then Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft should be second.

What is one thing about you that few people know? Or, if you prefer, what is a hobby you enjoy aside from reading/writing?

I grew up with horses. At one time I owned five, and am a fairly accomplished rider, though it has been about ten years since I've ridden. I hope one day it can be something I return to.

Nancy Kimball

fortitudine vincimusBy endurance, we conquer.

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